Why does IWLA have a political action committee?

Active engagement in the political process is an important means of protecting our business, employee and shareholder interests. The size and scope of government continued to increase and grow more complex. Governments decide how business is conducted and public policy decisions made in one industry sector often reverberate in many other sectors. State governments lead the charge in legislative activity. As a leader in the warehouse logistics industry and the business community, it is critical that we be engaged and maintain a robust, effective PAC.

Does the IWLA-PAC report its contributions and expenditures?

Yes. IWLA-PAC operations are transparent and compliant with all applicable laws. Because they are regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state and local election agencies, PACs are considered the most transparent form of political involvement. As required by law, PAC activity is publicly disclosed on the FEC and state election agency websites. 

What are the IWLA-PAC contribution criteria?

  The IWLA-PAC assures transparency. All IWLA-PAC contributions to candidates follow these five principles:

1. Must serve on a key committee of jurisdiction to our industry.
2. Also, must have a direct relationship with an IWLA member (or we are positioned to build a direct relationship).
3. The individual must have a positive attitude toward the industry.
4. IWLA has members in the congressional district or state.
5. IWLA-PAC participation will make a difference – at a level that leaves an impression.

Who decides where IWLA-PAC money goes?

The IWLA-PAC divides contributors into two tiers of membership. Tier I members participate in regular stakeholder meetings, handle the PAC priorities and budget, and decide on allocation of funds. Tier II members receive all IWLA-PAC communications, invitations to fundraisers and events and access to the IWLA-PAC website.

Who can participate in the IWLA-PAC?

While all members’ employees who are U.S. citizens or who are permanent green card holders are eligible to participate, only those employees who are Band IV and above (associate directors) are solicited.