IWLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

IWLA Special Interest Groups (SIGs) bring together 3PL warehousing professionals who hold similar titles/positions of authority in their organizations to discuss best practices, emerging trends, and economic challenges relating to their specific areas of focus – HR, Sales, IT, Marketing, Real Estate, etc. (SIG participation is also available to individuals in smaller IWLA-member organizations where particular responsibilities are part of their role, but the individuals hold no formal training in the area.)

IWLA SIG Mission

SIGs foster growth through collaboration and research and create responsive, dynamic forums that focus on the needs in warehousing organizations. The group will create materials (sessions, white papers, fee-based webinars, research projects, articles) that benefit the broader warehousing community and that may tie in to the work of other IWLA Special Interest Groups.

Groups are formed on an invitation basis and are designed to be flexible and quickly responsive to new, emerging developments in the given field. These discussions are group-led and facilitated by the appointed SIG chairman. Each SIG is limited to 10 people to ensure open discussion and close networking. IWLA may establish multiple SIG sections focused on the same area of specialization if warranted. 

Why an IWLA SIG?

What to expect when joining a SIGs group:

  • benefit from peer support and shared learning;
  • have access to specialized educational resources and have early access to new tools in their focus area;
  • develop a network of peers to whom they can turn when issues/questions arise in their warehousing organization;
  • identify topics/trends/issues for the SIG to tackle and;
  • participants will create topic-specific tools and resources to be used my group members and to develop broader IWLA educational offerings.


IWLA SIGs advance the professional growth as well as enhance support of IWLA members dedicated to the specialties of 3PL warehousing. This will happen through facilitated conversation, formal training, research, outreach, and peer-to-peer assistance. Work product may be available for a fee to those outside the SIG.


  • Audience: Individuals from IWLA member organizations with job functions in the specific areas
  • Limited to 10 members per group
  • Each group will be led by an appointed chairperson from among group participants
  • Meeting frequency: up to six conference calls a year; at least one annual in-person meeting (one must be during the IWLA Convention & Expo)
  • The participant fee for an IWLA SIG is $800/year
  • An IWLA staff liaison will work closely with the SIG chairperson
    • Assist with agenda
    • Record minutes
    • Field questions
    • Assist with administrative functions

SIG responsibilities

  • Provide topics for discussion
  • Create white papers
  • Guides/educational resources
  • Webinars (one annually/recorded)

Interested in joining an IWLA SIG? Have a topic you’d like a SIG to tackle, contact the IWLA Education Department or by phone: 847.813.4699.