IWLA Transportation Advisory Council (formerly the IWLA Rail Council)

IWLA Transportation Council

IWLA originally created the IWLA Transportation Advisory Council (then called the IWLA Rail Council) for members whose warehouse logistics operations included a rail-service component. That vision evolved into a council focused the breadth of modal choices – and their effect on warehouse operations.

The IWLA Transportation Advisory Council monitors, advocates and educates on many issues:

  • The IWLA Transportation Advisory Council provides free counsel and instruction on how to remedy misapplied demurrage and detention charges.
  • The council provides free counsel and instruction on the recommended terms to protect IWLA-member council participants from improper consignments.
  • The council provides expert education and resources focused on regulations, rail and trucking issues and business.

As the transportation mix in the supply chain shift more to rail, warehouse logistics professionals need to navigate this reality. Rail business will continue to grow in both carload and intermodal sectors. It is vitally important that IWLA remains visible as a dynamic player in the railroad’s supply chain. IWLA members must maintain the core competencies, efficiencies and market presence to be recognized as leaders in logistics.

The IWLA Transportation Advisory Council meets twice per year: during the IWLA Convention & Expo and a midyear meeting. During these gatherings, the group discusses regulatory proposals, changes and best practices.

IWLA Transportation Advisory Council