IWLA Warehouse Technology Symposium

IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions for Warehousing Conference


The IWLA Warehouse Technology Symposium zeros in on warehouse logistics processes and provides IT and operational professionals tools to increase productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.

Many technology systems overlap with warehouse operations, there are unique topics for each group such as, how to manage the process of bringing in new systems, training employees on new technologies, consolidation management, data integration and more.


The event includes technology focused sessions and tradeshow to give attendees a preview of the latest products and demonstrations from the manufacturers. Attendees leave the event with:

  • the best solution to address your operational challenges;
  • what is required for implementation of those technologies—personnel, systems, equipment, etc.;
  • how technologies work and long-term maintenance requirements; and
  • knowledge of how to measure/improve return on investment and how to track new efficiencies.

There’s No Place Like the Warehouse Technology Symposium
IWLA is filling a void in the industry that no other group offers. The warehouse logistics industry has experienced rapid technological advancements. Many business owners recognize the need for new technologies but are not sure where to turn for information or how to start the process. If your warehouse needs a technological or operational upgrade, this is the event for you.


IWLA Warehouse Technology Symposium is for everyone in a warehouse logistics organization who touches, uses or oversees technology systems and operations. The content is geared specifically for IT managers, directors, operations professionals, warehouse managers or other emerging leaders.


Want to get your products or services in front of the IT and operations professionals? The Warehouse Technology Symposium event features the highest concentration of technology and operational decision-makers in North America.