IWLA Canada

Value proposition

IWLA Canada is a part of the International Warehouse Logistics Association. IWLA provides members with exclusive access to resources, advocacy
support, business services, information, and events uniquely designed for the warehouse logistics industry. The IWLA Canada provides a Canadian viewpoint on those services.


IWLA members’ businesses are constantly changing with new technology, new clients, new facilities, new competition, and new regulations. IWLA’s
value is delivered in its ability to assist members to meet new challenges.

  • Membership is on a company-wide and North America-wide basis. All your company locations and all your employees can benefit from IWLA’s programs.
  • Members benefit through IWLA’s programs in networking, education, and advocacy.


Education programs are among the top three reasons given for belonging to IWLA. Programs are tailored to the
warehouse and logistics industry and provide members with access to niche experts who bring highly qualified skill sets to members and their staff. Programs come in the form of:

  • Annual Convention & Expo
  • Five in-person educational events
  • Webinars
  • Weekly articles
  • Presentations
  • Online resources
  • Certificate program

Topics include warehousing and logistical costs, legal, sales, marketing, safety, technology, regulations, and operations.


Members are informed and in compliance with warehouse and logistics industry regulations. In an environment where regulation is frequently international and its effects cross international boundaries, Canadian members benefit from the efforts of IWLA’s Government Affairs Council. As Canadian regulations often mirror those in the United States, and as much of Canadian business depends on cross-border operations, the work of this Council ensures that regulations meet reality as they affect the operation of Canadian companies.


Professional validation is provided for member companies and makes it easier for prospective clients to qualify them through:

  • Online Find-a-Warehouse/Find-a-Partner member listing
  • IWLA Member logo on your website and contracts
  • IWLA Certificate Program
  • IWLA leadership
  • Industry knowledge


The association provides members with a professional network in which they can exchange ideas and share best practices. Educational events, committee and chapter meetings, social events and the mastermind program are all venues at which networking occurs. This is in addition to the ability of one CEO to call another to discuss challenges in the marketplace and the environment in which their businesses operate.

LEGAL Services

IWLA’s retained counsel for Canada, Clark HarropDale & Lessmann, serves as a legal resource for Canadian association members, responding to member inquiries regarding customer contracts and warehouse law.

products and services

Through IWLA’s partner members, IWLA’s members have access to the latest products and services. As these partner members are known to fellow members, members can easily validate offerings through IWLA’s user base.