IWLA Education
IWLA Warehouse Logistics Professional (WLP) Certification


The Executive Warehouse Logistics Professional designation is reserved for individuals who have achieved officer-level success in their organizations.

EWLP Requirements Acceptance


  • Job title must be officer or equivalent level with current employer.
  • Two letters of recommendation from outside of the applicant’s company and/or industry.
  • CWLP Certification (Note: IWLA Education Committee can waive this requirement if applicant demonstrates equivalent industry knowledge.)

(All requirements must be completed
within two years of application submission.)

  • Serve as chair/co-chair of an IWLA committee or council.
  • Also, serve as mentor (provide letter of recommendation from the mentee).
  • Present at an IWLA-sponsored conference or webinar.
  • Participate in a leadership capacity outside of IWLA (this can be outside of the warehousing industry).
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of warehousing industry by speaking at non-IWLA warehousing-industry event (i.e., CSCMP, WERC) or author an industry book/article/white paper.
  • Demonstrate professional development commitment by participating in a Mastermind group or other continuing education and professional-development group approved by IWLA Executive Committee.


Approval from the IWLA Executive Committee.


$1,000 application fee.

Submission Overview

** An executive new to the warehousing industry or new to the executive position who would like to apply for a variance of EWLP Certification requirements may submit a request in writing to the Education Committee. The Education Committee will submit this request to the IWLA Executive Committee for approval. The Executive Committee is responsible for communicating with the applicant to determine if the request will be granted.

If the Executive Committee grants the applicant’s request, the Executive Committee is responsible for designing a program tailored to the applicant’s professional experience and needs. The Executive Committee and applicant are expected to develop a tailored program together.

The request approval and expectations will be submitted to applicant in writing (the Education Committee must receive a copy of letter). It is expected that no more than 90 days pass from submission of request to either denial of request or if applicant receives approval, to designing the custom program.