IWLA Regulated Goods Council

IWLA Regulated Goods Council

The IWLA Chemical Council is now the IWLA Regulated Goods Council.

The IWLA Regulated Goods Council Focuses On the Legal, Safe, and Efficient Storage and Handling of Regulated Goods. 

The IWLA Regulated Goods Council helps IWLA members that handle regulated goods in various industry segments, not just the chemical sector (e.g. Aerosol Health & Beauty Aids, Lithium Batteries, etc.). The council is a resource for answers to material handling questions. It also is a place to turn for peer-to-peer benchmarking and niche-specific insights into:

  • Efficient Storage & Handling of Regulated Goods
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Regulatory Updates & Trends
  • Safety
  • And More

The IWLA Regulated Goods Council is a special-interest group designed to educate, inform, and share best practices related to storing and handling chemicals/hazardous materials in warehouses. It focuses specifically on the role third-party warehouses play in the regulated goods supply chain and offers peer-to-peer resources for answering your questions.

Warehouses that store and move chemicals or other possibly hazardous materials need to meet stringent — and often government-regulated — requirements for safety and security.

Here’s how the IWLA Regulated Goods Council serves its members:

  • It is as a gathering place for where members exchange information about best practices.
  • Council leaders and IWLA staff monitor changes in legislation and regulation that may affect this industry segment.
  • The IWLA Regulated Goods Council meets every year during the IWLA Convention & Expo and every other year in Washington D.C. at the IWLA Legislative Fly-in.
  • IWLA works with the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) to increase awareness of regulatory and legislative issues that are impacting the supply chain.

Access to council sessions and information is limited to IWLA-member organizations that have opted in and paid council dues. Please participate to help us learn and continuously improve in the pursuit of excellence!