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Members Lead the Association

International Warehouse Logistics Association is the trade association for warehouse logistics. It is led by warehouse logistics owners, operators and executives. IWLA governance is through volunteer leadership in committees and chapters. These leaders mold the association to deliver high-value programs, products and services. These leaders also create and hone strategic initiatives based on industry and business needs.


Initiated by the IWLA chairman the board of directors, committees brainstorm new directions for a particular area of the association and prepare action items for members and staff.

Each committee contains a chairman, vice-chairman, a liaison from the board of directors, and an IWLA headquarters staff liaison. Each chairman appoints his/her committee members. Click here for a complete list of committees.

To learn more about an IWLA committee or to get involved please contact us at mail@IWLA.com or 847.813.4699.

Convention & Expo Planning Committee

The convention committee develops the program for the IWLA Convention & Expo and assists with promotional activities. Subcommittees provide input regarding exhibits, golf, social events, and recreational activities.

Education Committee

The education committee develops IWLA non-convention meetings and shapes the IWLA Warehouse Logistics Professional (WLP) certificate program and Warehouse Logistics Certificate (WLC) program. This group also oversees the Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Executive Committee

Composed of the chairman of the board, chairman elect, immediate past chairman, treasurer, secretary, and president, this committee makes decisions on behalf of the board. The IWLA Executive Committee meets four times or more annually to provide guidance, oversight and governance to the association.

Government Affairs Committee

Addresses public policy issues of importance to IWLA members and works to create positive outcomes for the warehouse logistics industry at the legislative and regulatory levels of government. Assists staff with the development of an annual government affairs agenda.

Insurance & Legal Committee

Reviews and recommends the association’s legal advice services and legal documents provided by the association to its membership. Contributes content recommendations to the IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium.

Warehouse Membership Committee

Acts as the welcoming/onboarding group for new warehouse and partner members. Ensures early activation and involvement so members realize benefits quickly. Keeps the association strong by helping retain warehouse membership. Advises staff regarding member services for all member types.

Nominating Committee

Vets and prepares the annual slate of nominations for IWLA leadership positions. By bylaw, the committee is chaired by the IWLA immediate past chairman of the board.

Partner Member Committee

Maintains a strong line of communication with the partners to ensure the organization is aware of and responds to their needs.

Political Action Committee

The IWLA PAC identifies candidates, legislation, and regulation that affect warehouse logistics businesses. Oversees contribution distribution. 


IWLA has statewide chapters where the saturation of IWLA member companies makes it possible to, at the grassroots level, identify state government regulations and laws that impact warehouse businesses. Chapter dues fund the state legislative activities that support members’ business interests. Find out more about these chapters:

To learn more about an IWLA chapter or to get involved please contact us at mail@IWLA.com or 847.813.4699.

California Chapter

The California Chapter creates events and webinars focused on the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business in California.