IWLA Education Call for Sessions

Are you a 3PL warehouse expert looking to share your knowledge and expertise with others? Look no further than IWLA. 

IWLA is seeking session ideas for upcoming events, both virtual and in-person. Take this opportunity to share your insights with warehouse professionals from various-size organizations in various locations. Establish your company as a key player in educating 3PL professionals. Submit your session ideas to IWLA today!

Submission Guidelines:

  • In-person sessions should be no longer than 60 minutes in length (including Q&A if applicable).
  • Webinars will be no longer than 45 minutes in length (including Q&A at end).
  • The speaker’s company must be an IWLA member in order to host session or webinar. 
  • All educational events (both in-person and virtual) will be live and not pre-recorded.
  • IWLA reserves the right to record sessions — certain exceptions apply depending on sensitivity of topic or items within the presentation. 
  • Webinars with partnerships tend to be more successful — warehouse-and-partner combined sessions bring large turnouts; So if you have the opportunity to collaborate with a client or customer, this is the best opportunity to do so!
  • All speaking opportunities within IWLA events are voluntary with no monetary compensation available.
  • All sessions must be education-based — While we understand there may be sales components to the presentation, we ask that these points are not the focus of the presentation.
  • Sessions will adhere to the timeline for submissions:
    -Webinar: at least six-week out booking deadline
    -Education: at least two-month out booking deadline
    -Convention: at least four-month out booking deadline
  • If you are speaking at an in-person event, you must also register for event.
  • IWLA has the right to reject sessions for any reason, including if they do not fit within the confines of proposed education event. 
  • IWLA encourages speakers to self-promote event — you may request materials from IWLA marketing manager to help in promotion.
  • Using the IWLA logo in your presentation is encouraged! Reach out to mail@IWLA.com if you need an updated IWLA logo to include.
  • Please submit one topic per submission — if you have multiple topic ideas, please resubmit this form.
  • IWLA will not advertise any giveaway promotions. Any additional promotions within presentation must be approved by IWLA. 
  • IWLA requires slides for webinar presentations. Please reach out to the IWLA education team (education@IWLA.com) if you need assistance with a presentation template for the webinar.