IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium

IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium

The IWLA Warehousing Legal Practice Symposium covers legal liabilities, human resource issues and regulatory changes that come with the territory in warehouse logistics. The International Warehouse Logistics Association brings together the third-party logistics industry’s leading legal and insurance experts to guide warehouse leadership and their legal counsel through evolving and continuing challenges.

The IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium tackles changes in warehouse, transportation and human resource law; warehouse security and insurance; legal documents; and regulations. IWLA events give participants ample opportunity to ask questions, share experiences and participate in discussions.


The IWLA Warehouse Legal Practice Symposium gives attendees first-hand information about the latest and more complicated laws that affect warehousing and logistics companies. Experts in warehousing law share their inside knowledge and give attendees guidance on how to protect their businesses. Topics include:

  • vendor contracts & agreements;
  • contract negotiation strategies;
  • liens and customer bankruptcy;
  • environment, food, and pharmaceutical issues;
  • FDA regulations updates;3PL contracts;
  • insurance updates; emerging issues panel; and
  • current case studies & discussions.

IWLA applied for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit approval from the state of Illinois for this course and received approval for up to 10.25 hours of MCLE credit each year.

Continuing Legal Education Hardship Policy IWLA may waive or reduce registrations fees due to hardship. To apply, please download the application and submit as directed.


The target audience is warehouse logistics executives, warehouse legal counsel and/or attorneys with warehousing clients and warehouse managers.