IWLA Fulfillment Forum

You want to be the warehouse logistics company for your customers. And you want to grow your business. That’s why you’re now handling B2C fulfillment (or you’re exploring the possibility). No other trade association represents the interest of fulfillment service providers.


Fulfillment service providers’ thirst for knowledge. Large-and-small providers all share a desire to gain better understanding of the technologies and business processes that improve operations and allow for better customer service for their customers. With that in mind, IWLA is offering educational opportunities specifically targeted to fulfillment service providers.


Given the explosive growth of this segment of the 3PL industry, IWLA is a natural place for fulfillment companies to come together. Through a day and a half of focused sessions, attendees will:

  • Understand best practices,
  • Discover new technologies, and
  • Learn to work with a collective voice to speak to federal, state and local regulations that impact their businesses.


This event will offer specific content directed at fulfillment service providers. No other professional organization is offering the type of hands-on, usable information that the IWLA will be providing. IWLA is bringing together some of the biggest and best fulfillment service providers with a platform to learn, connect, and network.