IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course

IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course



The IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course is a three-day, member-driven course focused on cost-assessment and sales specific to the warehouse logistics industry.

This course helps third-party warehouse logistics companies win bids, sell their space and increase margins:

  • Learn how to understand your space and the characteristics that add to your value proposition. This will help you maximize space profitably.
  • Analyze your handling and productivity and incorporate it into your overall pricing model.
  • Develop strategies and considerations to achieve optimal profit margins with every client.
  • Identify your client types and processes for RFP preparation.
  • Discover differentiating factors affecting your pricing, presentations and follow through.

Participate in a roundtable discussion and learn from experts in small- to large-sized 3PL companies about creating market niches and best practices for increasing sales.

Interactive Course Activities Enhance Your Learning Experience
IWLA course faculty members understand the benefit of peer-to-peer learning and sharing as a practical way to learn and improve skill sets. The IWLA Economics of Warehousing is built around case studies, worksheets, rating exercises, and roundtables designed to apply practical knowledge from the experts into the learning experience.


The IWLA Economics of Warehousing & 3PL Sales Course is not an entry-level course. The target audience is mid-level or more experienced warehouse manager, operators and owners with estimating, budgeting, marketing, sales, accounting or finance responsibilities.