IWLA Will Overview MTDI Recommendations with the FMC

IWLA Will Overview MTDI Recommendations with the FMC

IWLA Members will meet with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to overview proposed Maritime Transportation Data Initiative (MTDI) recommendations with Commissioner Carl Bentzel and staff. The MTDI will establish data standards and best practices for data access and transmission to improve maritime shipping and transportation at U.S. ports.

According to the FMC, “the goal of the MTDI is to streamline how industry communicates and shares data to make cargo movement more efficient. Key to achieving this objective is harmonizing definitions, standardizing data reporting, and timeliness in sharing data and making recommendations on how our data supply chain can be more efficient.”

In January, IWLA Members met with the FMC to help the agency identify data constraints that impede the flow of maritime cargo and contribute to supply chain inefficiency. During that meeting, Commissioner Bentzel said it is important for the FMC to continue engaging with the warehousing and 3PL sector to address congestion in the supply chain and better connect supply chain stakeholders.

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