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Revolutionizing Warehouse Safety: How to Harness AI for a Safer Tomorrow | Airdate: 10/12/2023 
Every logistics leader can agree that keeping people safe is non-negotiable. And every employee wants to make it home in the same condition they showed up to work in. But with limited visibility into what’s really happening on the floor, on top of labor shortages, volume demands, and other pressures, it’s becoming much more difficult to achieve that. That’s where AI and computer vision come in. Join IWLA Partner Member and OneTrack.AI’s CEO, Marc Gyöngyösi, as he leads a panel discussion with IWLA warehouse members: Lina Recker, Corporate Compliance Manager at Spartan Logistics; Matt Ireland, Director of EHS at Holman Logistics; and Melody Moore, Director of Quality and EHS at Rinchem. Learn how AI and more emerging technologies can impact your warehouse and minimize your risk. Hear real stories from real industry leaders about the technology and best practices they use to keep their people and warehouses safe.

Recent and Upcoming Developments in Canadian Labour and Employment Law | Airdate: 10/5/2023 
Discover the latest in Canadian labour and employment law developments in this information-packed IWLA Canada webinar. Join our Canada law experts for an in-depth exploration of recent legislative changes set to take effect in the coming months and noteworthy new cases that have emerged in the field. IWLA Canadian counsel Clark Harrop, Partner at Dale & Lessman LLP, and Matthew Badrov, Partner at Sherrard Kuzz LLP, will cover a range of topics including: Licensing requirements for recruiters and temporary help agencies and how they may impact warehousing; Increased fines for occupational health and safety infractions; December reporting requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act; Return to work – what are my rights as an employer? And employment and labour case law updates. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in understanding and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Canadian labour and employment law.

Maximizing Profitability Heading into Peak Season | Airdate: 9/14/2023 
Although peak shipping season brings 3PLs increased volumes, it doesn’t always equate to increased profitability. Especially with the economic fluctuations, 3PLs need to plan not just scaling their operations to handle increased consumer demand, but how to maximize profitability during the busiest season of the year. During this session, IWLA Partner Member Extensiv will share their views on the key areas to optimize and evaluate to drive greater efficiency—and ultimately profit—for your business. The session will cover how to: Maximize labor productivity; Leverage analytics to optimize the picking, packing, and shipping process; Improve efficiency of kitting and assembly; Scale volumes profitably in time for peak season; Capture billable events and speed up invoice creation. Register below to save your spot and prepare for peak season today!

Secure Your Space: Cybersecurity Essentials for Today’s Warehouse | Airdate: 8/21/2023 
Protect your warehouse from cyberattacks with this upcoming webinar hosted by IWLA Partner Member Tranix. In this informative session, cybersecurity experts will discuss the latest cyber threats facing warehouses, essential cybersecurity best practices, the importance of cyber insurance, compliance with CTPAT regulations, our cutting-edge cybersecurity portfolio, and real-life case studies. You’ll learn how to: Identify and mitigate the most common cyber threats facing warehouses; Implement essential cybersecurity best practices; Get cyber insurance that’s right for your business; Comply with CTPAT regulations; Learn from real-life case studies; And more! Plus, stay until the end for exciting prizes and giveaways. This webinar is essential for warehouse professionals who want to keep their businesses safe from cyberattacks.

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Implementing an Effective Operations Manual | Airdate: 7/27/2023 
An effective operations manual is crucial for maintaining optimal efficiency, productivity, and safety in your warehouse. Without this “quick reference guide” handy, you may be missing important steps in your daily procedures, guidelines, and best practices. Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or team member, it is important that you understand the ins and outs of this important document. Join members of the IWLA Warehouse Operations Special Interest Group (SIG) as they discuss navigating, comprehending, and implementing a manual into your daily operations.

Transform Your Warehouse Leadership: Strategies for Retention, Productivity, and a Positive Culture | Airdate: 7/11/2023 
Discover the key to unlocking higher retention rates, productivity, and a thriving company culture in the warehousing industry with IWLA Partner Member Butterfly.ai. This informative webinar will delve into the crucial role of frontline managers and provide practical strategies for a successful business. You’ll leave with actionable tips that you can immediately implement to empower your team and drive operational excellence. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and make a lasting impact on your employees. Butterfly.ai’s Co-Founder and COO Simon Rakosi will lead this webinar. 

What’s in a Workforce? Tips to Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent in Your Warehouse | Airdate: 6/29/2023 
As Google Analytics undergoes a significant transformation with the introduction of GA4 this July, it is crucial for warehouse marketers to understand these new features and functionalities. In this webinar, warehouse marketing experts of the IWLA Warehouse Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide their insights, guidance, and predictions on what the migration to GA4 will look like. Learn how to adapt your measurement and reporting strategies with this engaging webinar and unlock the full potential of GA4 for your business.

Welcoming GA4: Preparing for the Next Generation of Google Analytics | Airdate: 6/22/2023 
As Google Analytics undergoes a significant transformation with the introduction of GA4 this July, it is crucial for warehouse marketers to understand these new features and functionalities. In this webinar, warehouse marketing experts of the IWLA Warehouse Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) will provide their insights, guidance, and predictions on what the migration to GA4 will look like. Learn how to adapt your measurement and reporting strategies with this engaging webinar and unlock the full potential of GA4 for your business.

Strategies to Help/Maximize Your Warehouse Space Utilization | Airdate: 6/8/2023 
With labor constraints and warehouse space at the top of the list of concerns for 3Pls in today’s market, how are you efficiently making the best use of your current warehouse space/footprint? Join the Made4net team as they touch on strategies that every 3PL should have in place (or consider putting in place) when it comes to the tools available in your standard WMS and best practices from operations experts. This webinar will cover topics such as the importance of proper allocation, directed putaway strategies, key reporting capabilities, and more. You won’t want to miss this information-packed member-exclusive webinar with takeaways that you will be able implement immediately. Made4net’s Account Executive Errol Gonzales and Customer Account Manager Crystal Whelan will lead this webinar. 

Ride the 4PL Wave: Disrupt or Be Disrupted – The Choice Every 3PL Must Face | Airdate: 5/4/2023 
In an uncertain economic environment, the two most important things you can focus on are customer retention and operational efficiency. With increasing competition, changing consumer habits, and an influx of more educated shippers, it is critical for warehouse professionals to adopt new fulfillment strategies that improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Join Extensiv’s (formerly 3PL Central) vice president of strategy, David Miller, next Thursday for this valuable, first-hand look at how implementing these new strategies can benefit your business and put you ahead of the game. This webinar will cover topics such as the impact of tech enabled 3PLS/4PLs and how to compete, the importance of data analytics in fulfillment strategies, and how to develop a sustainable, customer-centric approach to warehousing.

Nearshoring: A New Opportunity for 3PLs to Help Their Customers Reduce Risk and Cost in the Global Supply Chain | Airdate: 4/27/2023
The move to source closer to home – especially to Mexico – represents as profound a shift in supply chain architecture since the mass movement to China thirty years ago. According to a recent survey from Gartner-owned consultant Capterra, 88% of U.S.-based small and medium/sized businesses (SMBs) will reshuffle their supply chains to utilize suppliers in the U.S. or Mexico in 2023. For logistics providers, such supply chain upheaval spells opportunity to add strategic value to its customers making the shift, but only if the process, the benefits, and the challenges are well-understood. Join this informative and interactive webinar to learn how to reduce customers’ supply chain risk and cost through nearshoring and what business development opportunities result for their 3PL service providers.

Excelling at Distribution in the E-Commerce Era – Tips for Your Warehouse from the 3PL Experts | Airdate: 3/9/2023
Do you have what it takes to excel in the e-commerce era? Accommodating e-commerce in your operation will depend on many factors, including your available space, automation, labor pool, technology, material handling equipment and the number and types of items you will be storing, picking and shipping. Key Takeaways of this webinar include key technology and equipment considerations, including warehouse management systems (WMS), autonomous mobile robots, automation, conveyors and material handling equipment; Seamless integration across systems, including WMS, e-commerce platforms and carriers to ensure accurate inventory visibility and order status; Infrastructure changes to your warehouse to accommodate new methods of handling goods within the warehouse; and exercises to walk through “current state” and “to be” process flows to determine the best picking, packing and shipping adaptations for your operations.

Technology Infrastructure Strategy: Vendor Consolidation & Cyber Security | Airdate: 3/7/2023
Please join us for an informative session geared toward IT infrastructure strategies that will help with efficiencies, cost savings, and securing your business. In this webinar, you will learn enterprise Cloud Voice,  improvement of customer satisfaction with innovative Call Center, endpoint Access & Management, current state of cybersecurity, key questions for business leaders, creating a comprehensive cyber risk mitigation strategy, and understanding the current state and the road ahead.

Reversing the Conversation – How to Leverage Reverse Logistics and Value Added Services in Your Warehouse | Airdate: 2/21/2023
Many retailers and vendors are experiencing overstock issues in the supply chain. The only way to get ahead of this and proactively manage/move product is through leveraging value-added services and reserve logistics. Courtney Folk, CEO and co-founder of Renewal Logistics, is here to expertly answer all of your questions. Folk works with apparel brands — where returns can be as much as 50% of sales and being able to effectively handle exchanges is key. Renewal Logistics is a leading provider of fulfillment, returns, and value-added services such as restoration for major fashion brands, and acts  as a dedicated returns center for many global apparel brands. Renewal understands the complex nuances of making these services work for your warehouse and your customers.

How Barrett Distribution Benefits from Cycle-Counting Drones | Airdate: 2/8/2023
Barrett Distribution has implemented cycle-counting drones in its warehouses and has seen operational improvements and increased customer satisfaction. Join Barrett Distribution’s Jim Rapoza, VP of Business Process Optimization, Scott Hothem, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions and Bryan Corbett, VP of Marketing and Business Development, and Gather AI’s Sean Mitchell, VP of Customer Success for a discussion on how Barrett is benefiting from this technology.

Supreme Rejection: Broker Liability after Miller | Airdate: 11/15/2022
On June 27, 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the Ninth Circuit’s decision in Miller v. C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. regarding the scope of freight broker liability for personal injuries arising from highway accidents.  As a result, Miller remains the governing law in the Ninth Circuit.  What does this development mean for freight broker liability and the way that you operate your freight brokerage?  Tune in to learn about the Miller case, its implications, and how the law on this crucial subject is unfolding around the United States. 

Are You Ready for Today’s NLRB | Airdate: 10/27/2022
“Are You Ready for Today’s NLRB?” In July 2021, the NLRB appointed a new General Counsel with an aggressive pro-labor agenda. Since that time, we have seen the Board take action on joint employers, independent contractor standards, mandatory arbitration clauses, consequential damages. Join us as we discuss how these changes will affect your company.

The Top 5 Ways to Beat the Hiring Crisis | Airdate: 10/13/2022
Join Jackie Adams, a hiring specialist, as she discusses the tactics used by top industry performers to successfully staff their facilities during the current hiring crisis. Jackie will discuss industry trends as well as the pains that many warehouse and logistics facilities, like yours, are facing, and how to overcome them. This webinar will provide you with practical solutions to improve your hiring.

Stay Warm with High Temperature Heating and Ventilation Systems | Airdate: 9/13/2022
Join Randy Niederer, Director of Customer Engagement for Cambridge Air Solutions, as he presents their industry leading heating technology for warehouse and distribution facilities……the Cambridge S-series High Temperature Heating and Ventilation (HTHV) technology. The webinar will focus on real life case studies that show how HTHV technologies helps to reduce the cost to heat warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the US. The presentation will also show how use of the technology can help reduce your organizations carbon footprint and provide a better working environment for your employees.  Cambridge’s S-Series units are currently used by many of IWLA members to heat many of their facilities throughout the US.

Evaluating Cloud Phone Systems and AI to Modernize Your Business | Airdate: 6/9/2022
Fast growing warehouses and logistics organizations are looking to scale their growing business. Utilizing AI and cloud phone systems can add flexibility, reliability, and security to an organization. Learn how these technologies can have a positive impact on your warehouse’s growth, speed, and execution. Tranix Technologies Corporation’s Ray Lagos will lead the discussion and take your questions in this IWLA webinar.

IWLA Canada Webinar – What is my Real Estate and Facility Strategy | Airdate: 5/19/2022
The discussion will tackle the issues of the real estate market, such as market prices, landlord responsibilities, broker demands, and builder negotiations. The facilitator will be bringing in real estate experts from different backgrounds, developers, landlords, investors, and brokers to discuss the issues. There will be a panel of real estate professionals that are essential within the industry. Facilitator: Daniel Smith, Senior Vice President/Partner, Lee & Associates, Toronto

IWLA Canada Webinar – Canadian Employment | Law Airdate: 4/21/2022
Running a warehouse during the COVID era brings challenges. As non-essential workers return to your office, what do you need to know?

  • Welcome back – a return to normal? As COVID regulations subside and employers are asking their employees to return to the workplace, what will the new office reality be?
  • COVID-19 and Employment Agreements: What essential terms should be included in an employment agreement to address future pandemic-related issues?
  • Vaccination and Accommodation: When does an employer have to accommodate an employee’s objection to vaccination on religious or medical grounds?
  • Bill 27: What does an employer need to do in order to comply with Ontario’s new Bill 27?

Food Safety Webinar – Hold on! New Trends in Food Safety | Airdate: 3/24/2022
The U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act is 10 years old. The act ushered in a “new era of food safety,” and with it came new challenges and systems for 3PLs that handle food for their customers. Tune in to this webinar as warehouse experts tackle:

  • Tracking, communicating about, and release holds on the food items in your care.
  • How the food supply chain is tied to the rise of blockchain.
  • What U.S. regulators have planned for organic goods and food fulfillment.

Bend Don’t Break – Agility as a Strategic Response to Disruption| Airdate: 2/21/2022
Megatrends are converging to create a tight squeeze on warehousing and logistics companies in the US. Increased pressure from customer demands and supply chain volatility threaten to break many businesses. So how can companies bend without breaking under this tremendous pressure? Jonathan Katz, Partnership Manager at Veryable, will share solutions to respond to disruption and delight your customers.

IWLA California Webinar: Warehouse Labor & Employment Law – What to Expect for California | Airdate: 2/9/2022
Bruce Sarchet with Littler will discuss best practices for your businesses regarding the new CA laws impacting Warehousing/Logistics for 2022.  In addition to discussing mandate and legal requirements for Covid-19 procedures, developments with AB 5 and the WAIRE program, Bruce will cover the new universal health care bill for CA (Kalra), AB-701 which will require warehouse employers to disclose quotas and pace-of-work standards to workers, wage and hour considerations, current events and best practices for your business and workforce.

Solving the Labor Shortage With Flexible Staffing | Airdate: 10/28/2021
With peak demand around the corner, warehouse operators are already feeling the pressure on their operations. The current labor shortage is adding to the heat, with many operators still searching for labor to effectively manage fulfillment far later into the fall. Flexible staffing solves this challenge by accessing a different pool of labor, aligning it to your specific peak needs, and keeping workers accountable to drive reliability and effectiveness on the job. 

Hardships in Recruiting: Pandemic Difficulties for HR | Airdate: 10/4/2021
What can you do to ensure your warehouse is fully staffed and ready to take on new challenges? How do you find and retain the workers you need to get the job done? HR specialists from IWLA HR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) will share their struggle and success stories and answer your recruiting and retention questions.

Avoiding Unwarranted Demurrage Charges | Airdate: 9/29/2021
What Can We Do to Reduce Demurrage? BASED ON NEW STB EP 757/759 FINAL RULE – DEMURRAGE BILLING REQUIREMENTS.  Objective: At the end of this webinar you will clearly understand the new billing requirements and be better prepared to challenge undue demurrage fees.

Gimme Some Space: The State of Industrial Real Estate | Airdate: 9/23/2021 
COVID-19 drove many changes. One perhaps surprising effect is the occupancy rate of warehouse buildings. As circumstances pushed retailers and manufacturers to rely more heavily on third-party services for storage and fulfillment, space filled quickly. This left many warehouse-based 3PLs scrambling to meet customer needs. Hear during this webinar what this new reality may mean for your company – and if this tight market is here to stay. This session will address real estate issues across Canada, but will focus mainly on the GTA.

The New Era of Fulfillment | Airdate: 9/2/2021
2020 brought unique challenges and opportunities to the ecommerce industry. Join Jim Gagliardi (General Manager at ShipEngine) and Matt Carpentieri (VP of Global Partnerships at Ruby Has) as they discuss: COVID-19-induced ecommerce and shipping trends; How the pandemic has affected the warehouse industry; How leading companies are adapting to scale and grow. 

Keep Your 3PL Warehouse Thriving Through a Global Crisis | Airdate: 8/23/2021
In a recently published white paper, leading third-party logistics provider The Shippers Group asks,  “How does a third-party (3PL) warehousing company thrive during the middle of a global crisis?”  Rob Doyle, President; Diane Villafana, VP Human Resources & Safety; and Robin Siekerman, VP Marketing & Customer Solutions will talk about how The Shippers Group’s first-hand experience in navigating the COVID-19 crisis proves that 3PL warehouses were not only able to adapt- but thrive- amidst the rapidly evolving environment. Topics will include food supply chain disruption, implementation of new safety protocols, changes in demand, the essential workforce, and the importance of scalability.  The panel will explain about how the company was able to successfully add dozens of new customers and open three new distribution centers throughout challenging circumstances.  Adapting to new realities and the importance of best practices, continuity planning, employee recruitment and training, automation, and sustainability are critical as we look ahead to the future.

Keep a Roof Above Your Head | Airdate: 8/12/2021
Many industries have experienced supply issues and inflation as our economy perks up from the 2020 COVID-induced recession.  Join us in this webinar to learn about the cause and effect of the unprecedented shortages of raw materials and finished products in the roofing industry.  You will come away with a better understanding of the situation and strategies you can use to maximize your operations and capital budgets.

Risks That Keep 3PL’s Up at Night | Airdate: 8/5/2021
Our partner Marsh McLennan Agency is our guest speaker next week discussing “Risks That Keep 3PLs  Up At Night”. Join them to learn about the unique Cyber risks faced by the IWLA community, how to manage OSHA regulations, Warehouse Safety and Risk Transfer Protocols with Vendors. As the largest Insurance Broker in the world with over 1,500 Logistics clients, Marsh McLennan is in a unique position to ensure IWLA members are getting the most out of their current Business Insurance spend. 

Thermal Cameras & FDA Guidelines: Fact vs. Fiction in Safeguarding Your  Warehouses | Airdate: 6/15/2021
Thermal cameras have popped up everywhere; you can’t board a flight or enter a theatre without a quick temperature reading.  After all, an elevated body temperature is the most common symptom of illness, including Covid-19. Yet many are wondering if the latest generation of thermal cameras are a cure-all for protecting the safety of warehouse operations… or a risk to public health. No wonder so many owners and operational leaders are scratching their heads. Not to worry, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) – which some may be surprised to learn, oversees thermal and infrared cameras – recently helped clarify fact from fiction. The good news: If you work with infrared and thermal cameras with FDA 510(K) clearance you can take advantage of this break-through technology to further protect your employees and businesses. The bad news, many cheap imports – without FDA 510(K) clearance — have flooded the market, leading to confusion and uncertainty. 

Creating Competitive Advantage: Moving Your 3PL/Warehouse into Bonded & Foreign Trade Zone Status | Airdate: 6/3/2021
As 3PL’s seek expansion, differentiation, and sustainability strategies, this webinar with Thomas Cook from Blue Tiger International will focus on the opportunities, benefits and challenges in determining how FTZ’s can provide these leveraged advantages. 

Warehouse Legal Liability – How to Maximize Coverage and Minimize Cost | Airdate: 5/20/2021

Food Handling & Your Warehouse: Regulations, ‘Stack Holds,’ and Blockchain | Airdate: 5/13/2021
Even as the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act enters its second decade, some 3PL responsibilities and processes continue to shift. The IWLA Food Council wants to ensure you are up to date on best practices – and that you’re ready for what may be on the horizon. This webinar (for companies that are IWLA Food Council members) will shed light on what’s happening now – and it will help you navigate tomorrow. 

Fulfillment Services in Your Warehouse: Contract Considerations | Airdate: 4/8/2021
As customers turn to you for their fulfillment needs, the terms in your warehousing contract may not address some of the nuances of this value-added service. IWLA Retained Counsel Kevin Phillips (at the request of the IWLA Fulfillment Council) recently drafted sample contract language to consider when you are bringing on a new customer – or when existing customers turn to you for fulfillment. Tune in to this IWLA-member-exclusive webinar as Phillips discusses these additions and the ideas behind them. The language is available to members of the IWLA Fulfillment Council now. 

Safety Reimagined | Airdate: 3/4/2021
IWLA NEW partner member, Two Way Radio Gear, Inc from Fort Pierce, FL invites you to register for its zoom webinar, Safety Reimagined. RSVP today to hear from Two Way Radio Gear, in partnership with Motorola, as they dive into how the use of two way radios and body worn cameras can help improve safety and increase efficiency in your workplace. Check out the latest in NEW technology!

IWLA Canada Webinar: Brave New (Recruitment) World: Finding Keeping and Managing Employees | Airdate: 2/17/2021
The numbers tell the story: Finding employees in 2021 is difficult. COVID and increased fulfillment volume are a one-two punch in many warehouses. Hear during this webinar how new tools can help. And learn about what candidates for warehouse jobs are saying will attract them to and keep them with your company. 

IWLA Canada Webinar: Return to Work Considerations Pre- and Post- COVID-19 Vaccines | Airdate: 1/27/2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes to warehouses across the country. Canadian employers will face different challenges before and after a vaccine becomes available. This webinar will cover the key elements for employers when managing COVID-19 related issues. 

IWLA Canada Webinar: Warehouse Labor & Employment Law – What to Expect for California in 2021 | Airdate: 1/15/2021 
Alex Marx with Marron Lawyers will discuss best practices for your businesses regarding the new California laws impacting warehousing and logistics for 2021. He will also cover the legal impact regarding the 50 current California PAGA lawsuits for ambient temperature control in non-temperature controlled warehouses and the South Coast Air Quality Management District WAIRE Program Indirect Source Proposed Rule 2305.  Additionally, he will address the impact the Biden Administration will have on NLRB regulations.  He will also evaluate wage-and-hour considerations, current events, and best practices for your business and workforce.

Human Trafficking & Your Corporate Social Responsibility | Airdate: 9/17/2020
What role does the warehouse logistics industry play in preventing, recognizing, and stopping an epidemic? Human trafficking is modern day slavery, the second largest criminal industry in the world, a profound humanitarian plight and an extensive public health issue. Join presenter Denise Mears, executive director and founder of Project Protect Our Children, to discover how you can you leverage your company’s stakeholders and resources in a way that combats human trafficking and positively impacts the community.

IWLA Canada Webinar – COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here? | Airdate: 8/18/2020
As we all know, 2020 has been anything but a normal year. As things slowly begin to return to normal in Canada, it can be difficult to know how to move forward. Join IWLA’s retained counsel, James Manson, for thoughts and ideas on the following timely issues: force majeure and pandemic clauses in contracts, collections/bankruptcy/slow pay issues, and(re)assessing available provincial and federal programs for your business

Managing Your Union Workforce In a Pandemic | Airdate: 4/23/2020
Threatened wildcat strikes. Requests to bargain your emergency response measures. Demands to negotiate by phone. These are just some of the things becoming commonplace in the age of COVID-19 that used to be rarities. The pandemic’s effect on labor relations cannot be overstated. Barnes & Thornburg Labor & Employment Partner David Pryzbylski will highlight what he is seeing on the labor law front at businesses around the country and will answer your COVID-19 labor relations questions. We know there are countless issues for employers to navigate right now, but managing your union relationships is one you can’t lose sight of and understanding the legal issues in play is vital.

Frustrated by the lack of specifics in webinars and other publications regarding the Coronavirus? Marron Lawyers has drilled down and developed a Webinar focused on protecting the warehouse and logistics industry specific situations members are currently encountering.

Warehousing Beats Coronavirus – Protecting Your Company | Airdate: 4/21/2020
Frustrated by the lack of specifics in webinars and other publications regarding the Coronavirus? Marron Lawyers has drilled down and developed a Webinar focused on protecting the warehouse and logistics industry specific situations members are currently encountering.

COVID-19 Legal Updates Transportation, Logistics & Warehouse Employers Need to Know | Airdate: 4/2/2020
Join IWLA and Labor and Employment Partners from Barnes & Thornburg LLP Mark Keenan and David Pryzbylski for a 1-hour webinar on various legal and personnel issues emerging in the wake of COVID-19, including newly enacted leave laws and unemployment questions. We’ll make sure you are up to date on the latest developments and are armed with practical takeaways.

Warehouse Labour & Canadian Law in the Time of COVID-19 | Airdate: 4/2/2020
Because of COVID-19, new laws and regulations in Ontario and beyond are changing your warehouse business and how it handles issues with its employees. What is new during this pandemic? What are key issues employers are facing? How can you ensure you’re keeping up with the rules while keeping your employees safe and your business functioning?

Employment Issues & Actions in Light of the Pandemic | Airdate: 3/25/2020
IWLA is working to bring you timely and relevant information to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Join IWLA for a webinar that tackles the latest laws that affect your work – at the federal and state level. We will also address FAQs and laws in highly impacted areas like California.

Your Warehouse: Top 10 OSHA Violations | Airdate: 2/21/2019
No one looks forward to OSHA knocking at your door. However, this U.S. agency exists to help keep your workplace safe. What steps can you take to ensure you are violation free when the inspector arrives? Knowing the biggest – and most common – violations in warehouses gives you a good place to start. Candra Jefferson, an OSHA compliance assistance specialist, will share the top 10 warehouse violations OSHA cited in 2018. She will share actions you can take to create a safer environment and to mitigate painful and costly risks.

Set the Course: Why an Active Government Affairs Program is Important | Airdate: 10/18/2018
What the government does directly affects your warehouse logistics company: Tax policy; environmental regulations; labor decisions; infrastructure spending; and more can either help you better serve customers or (more likely) create hurdles en route to success. The IWLA Government Affairs Program gives the warehouse logistics industry a unified voice and an enhanced ability to shape these rules and outcomes. How? Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how IWLA uses its three-pronged GA program (Government Affairs Committee, Warehouse Advocacy Fund, and Political Action Committee) to change the regulatory landscape for the better. Hear first-hand from IWLA members who participated in carefully orchestrated strategies to turn misguided legislation into a workable policy or to thwart measures harmful to our industry. Their stories reveal just how IWLA advocacy efforts earn the association and its members a respected voice in the halls of Congress and throughout the federal government.

Know Your IWLA Benefits | Airdate: 2/23/2017
Did you know that your IWLA membership gives you access to a warehouse-law expert? Or that, with membership, you can receive preferred rates on propane for your forklifts? Learn about these opportunities, plus others (Find a Warehouse; free webinars; councils; and more) during a free webinar Feb. 23 at 11 a.m. Central. Remember: ALL employees in your company are considered members and can benefit from IWLA’s offerings. IWLA Vice President Jay Strother and IWLA Membership Director Jennifer Rezny will lead the discussion.Bend Don’t Break – Agility as a Strategic Response to Disruption