RBW Logistics chooses Synapse WMS from Zethcon

RBW Logistics chooses Synapse WMS from Zethcon to keep up with demand and scale for future growth

WMS specifically designed for needs of 3PL warehouses helps power three straight years of double-digit growth for Georgia-based 3PL

Zethcon Corporation (www.zethcon.com) announces the successful implementation of the company’s flagship Synapse WMS product by RBW Logistics, a third-party logistics provider (3PL) based out of Augusta, Georgia. RBW chose Synapse WMS and the 3PL expertise of Zethcon to better serve existing customer demand and provide the expanded capabilities necessary to support new growth opportunities.

“We realized we needed a new WMS when we experienced some growth limitations with our existing customer base,” says Frank Anderson, CEO, RBW Logistics. “We needed a different software package and partner to better capitalize on our growth potential.”

With RBW’s growth characterized by not only taking on new customers, but running more complex e-commerce business, the ability of Synapse WMS to easily, efficiently integrate with internal and external systems to share data was critical to manage orders, inventory, shipping and more. Inside the warehouse, RBW relies on real-time visibility to keep track of orders throughout the fulfillment journey. Whether the order is being picked or staged on the dock, Synapse WMS closely tracks status and gives managers views throughout internal processes.

“Synapse WMS is built for 3PLs who need the right technology stack to capitalize on growth opportunities for their business,” says Chris Oechsel, CEO, Zethcon. “RBW is a model customer for us, and we look forward to continuing to support them with a strong package and ongoing optimizations to help deliver exactly what their customers need.”

Besides the functionality to support RBW’s growth, Synapse WMS offers an intuitive, easy-to-use resource to manage all levels of warehouse operations, enabling everyone from IT staff to managers on the shop floor to get the type of information and level of detail they need. Reporting options allow RBW staff to tailor how frequently they receive certain reports and tailor the type of information included. For example, the system breaks down labor activity by operator, unit of measure and time stamp to help balance work across team members and measure performance.

“Zethcon actively improves the software to manage the real-world demands of our business,” says Bob Willert, COO, RBW. “They stay engaged and think outside the box to even build solutions around individual customers of ours who have very specific requirements.”

To view a video covering Zethcon’s work with RBW Logistics, click here.

About Zethcon

Zethcon is a provider of modern warehouse software designed to drive growth, revenue and reliability for the 3PL and distribution markets. The company’s flagship product, Synapse WMS, offers broad and deep functionality in a highly configurable package, capable of matching unique customer requirements. With 50 years of experience solving customer problems with innovative technology, Zethcon is dedicated to highly responsive service and long-term partnerships.

About RBW Logistics

Founded in 1954 in Augusta, Georgia, RBW Logistics is a privately-owned business celebrating a 68-year history of providing innovative supply chain solutions including warehousing and distribution, transportation, packaging and multi-channel fulfillment. For more information, visit www.rbwlogistics.com

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