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3PL Central Rebrands as Extensiv

3PL Central Rebrands as Extensiv 

3PL Central began an exciting journey to build the next chapter for our company. We acquired three key technology companies to build a better way for 3PLs to collaborate with brands: CartRover, Scout Software, and Skubana. Now, we are rebranding under a singular name and vision, Extensiv. Extensiv is a visionary technology leader focused on fulfilling demand anywhere, anytie, and from any channel with superior flexibility, insights, and service. 

As Extensiv's first act as a unified company focused on adding value to the industry, we have aggregated millions of orders per year to share order trends across key marketplaces.
Extensiv Market Insights provides benchmark data into macroeconomic and real-time industry trends, bringing visibility to brands and 3PLs so they can understand market fluctuations and how they might impact business.

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Go to www.Extensiv.com to learn more about how Extensiv is creating the future of omnichannel fulfillment.  

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